I've been involved in digital imaging since the 1980s when satellite image interpretation became an everyday tool in my work.

This made the transition to photographic image processing an easy one. Although my interests lie dominantly in landscape  and nature photography, I am also pleased to be the photographer (and videographer)  for the Dore Male Voice Choir.

Most of my work is in colour, but there is also a substantial output of black and white photographs.

Working with my grandsons has shown me how daunting it can be to start out in serious photography, and how bewildering the choice of software can be as you advance towards more refined and complicated techniques.

Based on this experience it felt like a good idea to bring some of that together and to create the software comparisons and write the eBooks that you will find on this site.

There have been more than 10,000 visitors to my photography blog, nearly 500 Facebook likes, and many eBook sales either from this site or the Amazon Kindle Books site.

The Bullet Point Books, however, are designed as an easy to read and understand series on the subjects of most interest to photographers, and I hope that includes you. More titles will follow.

The Software reviews concentrate on three contrasting styles of software, and if you had all three you would want for nothing in terms of processing power. I use them all the time. Join me.

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