John C. Doornkamp


Those of us who were active with our film cameras before the age of digital imaging are reluctant to loose those images.

They may not stand up to the quality of the digital images that we are taking today, but they are valued and treasured memories.

Some of them are of historical value.

Fortunately there are film scanners that will convert our film images into digital files. Now that such scanners have been around for some time their prices have become more affordable for the general photographer anxious to 'get their images' back again.

I have found some scanners that are highly rated. They fall into three price (and quality) brackets:

Low Price:                                                         In the USA:

     Plustek Optic Film 8100                                     Plustek Optic Film 8100

Medium Price:

     Plustek Optic Film 8200ai                                  Plustek Optic Film 8200ai                         

Higher Price:

     Epson Perfection V850 Pro Photo Scanner        Epson Perfection V850 Pro Photo Scanner