John C. Doornkamp


Choosing a printer for your photographs is tricky.

Do you want to be able to print high-quality images for yourself? Of course you do.

Do you want to pay the price of a high-quality printer? Probably not.

So, it comes down to a balance between your needs, financial resources and your desire.

When I had a top-of-the-range printer it was a delight to hold a print that had been all my own work. However, for most of the time I was using it as a general office printer. It became clear that it was financially better to replace it with a lower cost model, and to send out my exhibition prints to a professional printer. 

That is what I have been doing for the past 15 years.

So, for me the search was for a desk-top printer that would cope with a few small prints from time to time, and to handle all that the office work could ask of it.

To help you through some of the available printer choices I have tabled them below in groups based on price and on their capabilities. In general the higher the price the better the results when you print photographs.

Group 1 Lowest Price:                                        In the USA follow these links:

     Canon Pixma TS6350                                       Canon Pixma TS6320

     Epson Expression Photo XP-970                        Epson Expression Photo XP-970


Group 2 Intermediate Price

     Canon Pixma Pro 200                                      Canon Pixma Pro 200

     Canon Pixma iP8750                                         

     Epson ET-8500 EcoTank                                   Epson ET-8500 EcoTank

Group 3 Higher Price

     Canon image PROGRAF PRO-300                    Canon image PROGRAF PRO-300

At higher prices you are into the professional printing. Even the printer in Group 3 will generate exhibition quality prints.